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Hafnium is available as 99.9% pure metal pieces. These are used in HfO synthesis mainly used as a dielectric. Owing to their sublimation properties the Hafnium chloride and Hafnium iodide are used as ALD precursors for deposition of Hafnium oxide in semiconductor industry. Recently , HfCl4 and HfI4 have also found applications as a scintillator.  The high purity powders are sublimed and can be used to produce the Cs2HfCl6 along with CsCl beads from APL.


Element Compound Form Purity  CAS Number/SDS
Hf HfBr4 Powder 98.50% 13777-22-5
Hf HfCl4 Powder 99.90% 13499-05-3
Hf HfI4 Powder 98.50% 13777-23-6

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