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APL manufactures and supplies high-purity, low moisture powders and beads as feedstock for single- crystal growth of scintillators. These are used in X-ray or Gamma-ray/neutron detectors. Applications include medical imaging, national security, oil-well logging, etc. Listed below are some details of the products we supply.

  • Cesium iodide and thallium iodide for flat panel detectors

Cesium iodide powderThallium iodide beads

Compound Form Purity CAS Number/SDS
Csl Power 99.999% 7789-17-5
Tll Beads 99.999% 7790-30-9
  • High purity, anhydrous halides for gamma-ray detection

Anhydrous halides for gamma-ray detection

Compound Form Purity CAS Number/SDS
CeBr3 Beads 99.99% 14457-87-5
CsCl Beads 99.999% 7647-17-8
CsBr Beads 99.999% 7787-69-1
Eul2 Beads 99.995% 22015-35-6
LaBr3 Beads 99.99% 13536-79-3
LaCl3 Beads 99.99% 10099-58-8
SrI2 Beads 99.995% 10476-86-5
TlBr Beads 99.999% 7789-40-4
YCl3 Powder, Beads 99.99% REO 10361-92-9
  • Enriched 6Li compounds for neutron detection
Compound Form Purity CAS Number/SDS
6LiF Powder Enrichment about 95% 14885-65-5
6LiCl Beads Enrichment about 95%
6LiBr Beads Enrichment about 95%
6LiI Beads Enrichment about 95%
6Li2CO3 Powder Enrichment about 95% 25890-20-4

If there are other compounds that you need, feel free to email us.