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APL manufactures and supplies high-purity, low moisture powders and beads as feedstock for single-crystal growth of scintillators. These are used in X-ray or Gamma-ray/neutron detectors. Applications include medical imaging, national security, oil-well logging, etc. Listed below are some details of the products we supply.

Cesium iodide and thallium iodide for flat panel detectors

Cesium iodide is used to grow scintillator single crystals or thin films used for X-ray imaging. APL provides high-purity cesium iodide powder with typical ship volumes ranging from tens to thousands of kilograms. We also manufacture high-purity thallium iodide and other co-dopants that might be required for your process. We will work with you through the qualification process and ensure consistent quality/supply that works for your products. 

Cesium iodide powderThallium iodide beads

Compound Form Purity CAS Number/SDS  
CsI Powder 99.999% 7789-17-5 Request Quote
TlI Beads 99.999% 7790-30-9 Request Quote

High purity, anhydrous halides for gamma-ray detection

Sodium iodide scintillators have been used for gamma-ray spectroscopy for several decades. With the discovery of new scintillator compositions since the late 1990’s, efforts are underway towards their commercialization. APL provides high-purity, low moisture containing halide raw materials for the growth of single crystals. Typical ship volumes range from hundreds of grams to tens of kilograms. The materials are manufactured, processed and packaged under inert conditions. If you do not see a particular compound/purity in the list below, please feel free to reach out to us.

Anhydrous halides for gamma-ray detection

Compound Form Purity CAS Number/SDS  
CeBr3 Beads 99.99% 14457-87-5 Request Quote
CsCl Beads 99.999% 7647-17-8 Request Quote
CsBr Beads 99.999% 7787-69-1 Request Quote
EuI2 Beads 99.995% 22015-35-6 Request Quote
LaBr3 Beads 99.99% 13536-79-3 Request Quote
LaCl3 Beads 99.99% 10099-58-8 Request Quote
SrI2 Beads 99.995% 10476-86-5 Request Quote
TlBr Beads 99.999% 7789-40-4 Request Quote
YCl3 Powder, Beads 99.99% REO 10361-92-9 Request Quote

Enriched 6Li compounds for neutron detection

Compound Form Purity CAS Number/SDS  
6LiF Powder Enrichment above 95% 14885-65-5 Request Quote
6LiCl Beads Enrichment above 95% Request Quote
6LiBr Beads Enrichment above 95% Request Quote
6LiI Beads Enrichment above 95% Request Quote
6Li2CO3 Powder Enrichment above 95% 25890-20-4 Request Quote

If there are other compounds that you need, feel free to email us.